Louigi Verona Workshop

25 Dec, 02014

Wrenchman game officially released. Merry XMas everyone!

30 May, 02014

Louigi Verona workshop at LAC: project droning video available.

08 May, 02014

"droning" project: 8 new recordings added.

14 November, 02013

Had an interview with me published at zthmusic a couple of weeks ago, read it here: http://www.zthmusic.com/louigi-verona/

25 September, 02013

"droning" project: 14 new recordings added. The number 14 does not carry any special meaning, folks, seriously :)

2 July, 02013

Linux Audio podcast, episode 001. Comparing my older tune to Linux Audio today.

31 May, 02013

"droning" project: 14 new recordings added.

23 May, 02013

Another Reality LP is released, an electronic music album made with modular Linux setup.